Random Thoughts For Tonight

Some random thoughts tonight from my day:

1) Mexican Coke is really, really good.

I usually drink a ton of Coke Zero, or something diet, but my wife is trying to get us to move to more water and less “bad stuff” in drinks. Of course, tons of sugar isn’t good, but it is nice to have a pick-me-up every now and then. So, she went to Earthfare to get a few things for us, including Mexican Coke. It was A-MAZING. I can’t tell if it is just that I haven’t had pure sugar in a drink in so long or if regular sugar is better than the deathly HFCS.

2) Does anyone really want phone service packaged with TV & Internet?

I keep thinking about adding TV to our internet service but don’t feel like paying all of the extra fees for HD, DVR, etc. Whenever I look at the Time Warner site, I laugh because they try to make it sound like an amazing deal to get VOIP phone service, as if anyone still wants that!

3) The South Carolina Gamecock Baseball team is pure baseball fun.

It’s been quite a ride for these guys during the last 3+ years. My dad and I got to go to the game on Sunday against that team from up to the north. It was freezing cold, but worth standing through to see an 8-0 beatdown. The best part of these teams has been the chemistry and depth of fun these guys have.

I can’t remember what inning but at one point between the top of the inning and the bottom, the “Harlem Shake” music came on. I looked over and saw Cocky on top of the dugout dancing it up. When the beat dropped in, the entire Gamecock dugout went nuts and joined in. That’s on of those moments in life that just makes you smile. Thanks guys!

4) The Atoms for Peace album is really good.

I love Radiohead but I wasn’t sure I would like Thom Yorke’s new endeavor with the artists that played on his Eraser tour. But once again I was pleasantly surprised. I still am not exactly sure if he is singing or moaning, but I enjoy the beats and sounds. Plus, it is great music to work along to as it gets my foot tapping while I crank out tasks.

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