Time to Blog

So, I decided to start a blog. I have been thinking about it for some time. I used to love to write when I was in high school and college, but the world will be a better place if that stuff never sees the light of day. I always thought that I would write again when my life slowed down.

[Insert laughter from other parents of young children]

I am not really sure of what I will write about or whether I’ll have themes. I’ll probably write a lot about my faith in Jesus and the experiences I’ve had. I’ll probably write about culture, and music and movies and TV. Sports, too.

I did title my blog on purpose. (I wanted to call it “Nothing New Under the Sun” but like the other 87 names I tried, it was taken!) I really do have nothing new to add to this world. It all has been said and done before. I don’t see myself as a unique flower that has something praiseworthy to say, but I enjoy thinking and writing. I think this blog will help me to think more deeply and stay accountable to writing.

I’m sure that I will feel pride when people respond and like posts. I also fear comment battles like so many I have read on other blogs. I don’t know the lingo and don’t know the etiquette, so feel free to help me out.

I have many values in life but vulnerability, honesty and authenticity are some of the highest. I hope those values will come out in my writing.

So, to be completely transparent, the thing that kick-started me into blogging was actually to fulfill a requirement for a conference I am attending in March. But since, brevity is better in the (or on the?) blogosphere, I’ll make that its own post.

I welcome input, comments and seriously welcome help on formatting the blog. Bring on the angry bloggers and grammar Nazis.

Away we go!

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4 Responses to Time to Blog

  1. todayiwatchedamovie says:

    Welcome to the world of WordPress!

  2. Good luck with your blog. I made my blog into a little space of my own and carry on regardless of whether I get visitors or not. Although it’s really great to get some feedback.

  3. litishapyles says:

    I completely agree, feedback is nice to get. I am new on WordPress and the world of blogging. I started this because of a class I am taking. I have no idea what the world of blogging can bring to me or me to anyone else. I am willing to give it a try though.

  4. Welcome to WordPress and the blogosphere. I guess they may be lurking out there, but I’ve not run into any angry bloggers or folks obsessing over grammar. Enjoy yourself and keep writing

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