Changing Themes

I chose the previous theme (Book Lite) because it was 1) Free and 2) Allowed me to have the picture I wanted in a very large format. (That picture of a tree was from a hike I took in Central Asia by the way. So beautiful!)

But then I realized the purpose of a blog is it to be read, so I decided to change to a theme that didn’t look as pretty but made it easier to read.


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2 Responses to Changing Themes

  1. Brian Hart says:

    I remember that hike – and wandering along the countryside of that country for the first time. 🙂 Just a little over three years ago, actually…

  2. lando737 says:

    Hard to believe that it was three years ago. I remember you walking off on your own and looking so small against that landscape. I have to admit that hike was one of my favorite moments ever overseas. I’m glad we have that memory to recall!!

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