Ten Years

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Ten Years!

Ten years of love. Ten years of grace. Ten years of enduring. Ten years of growing. Ten years of covenant. Ten years of commitment. Ten years of mistakes. Ten years of forgiveness. Ten years of reconciliation. Ten years of tears. Ten years of laughs. Ten years that I am grateful for. Ten years that I wouldn’t change a thing about. Ten years that I did not expect.

2003: North Augusta. Charlotte. Jamaica. Columbia (Brooke’s apartment, the Hunt’s house, our apartment in Five Points).

2004: Five Points. Craziest spring break trip ever to Russia. My parent’s house. STINT: Germany. Perm and Moscow, Russia

2005: Nice, France. Rome, Italy. Hungary. Perm and St. Pete, Russia. Finland. Krasnodar and Sochi, Russia. North Augusta – My parent’s house and Palmetto Ave. house.

2006: Joining staff. Daytona Beach, FL. North Augusta – Palmetto Ave. House.

2007: Memphis, TN. Yekaterinburg, Russia. Pusan, Korea. Back to Memphis.

2008: Memphis, TN. Daytona Beach, FL. Johnson City, TN.

2009: Johnson City. Our trip West: Oklahoma, Sedona, Grand Canyon, New Mexico.

The call that changed our lives. Atlanta to Frankfurt to St. Pete to Pskov to Pechoriy, Russia and back. Then Johnson City to Charlotte to Munich to St. Pete to Pskov to Pechoriy.

Now +1. Pechoriy to Pskov to Moscow to Munich to Charlotte to Johnson City.

2010: Johnson City. The only year in one place. 🙂

2011: Johnson City. Fastest move across town ever. Things to storage in three places in North Augusta. Ft. Collins, Colorado. Chicago.

To Kazakhstan. And back.

2012: My parent’s house. Columbia. Park Street. Finishing an era.

2013: Starting a new chapter. Our first home – Dinwood Circle.

Ten years around the world. Ten years that I never knew would be. Ten years that I have called YOU home. Ten years, you and me.

Here’s to the next 10. I love you.

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